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Q&A: What information do you need from me in order to work with you?

It depends on what you want help with! If you want me to look at everything and make as many recommendations as possible, provide me with all of the information below. If you just have specific questions, or only want me to look at a certain aspect of your situation, I can do that as well. Fill out as much of the form below as you would like.


What are your goals?

– Current income (indicate whether bi-weekly, monthly, annual, etc. AND if this is after or before taxes)
– Current expenses
– Projected income (if applicable)
– Projected expenses (if applicable)

Balance Sheet
Assets (checking/savings accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, etc.)
Liabilities (monthly payment, balance, interest rate)

What is your current investment strategy?
– Account Statements

– last 3 years of tax returns (for my review, future planning opportunities, and potential amendment if the preparer missed anything)

Estate Planning
Do you have the following? When were they last updated?
General Durable Power of Attorney (GDPOA)
Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA)

Risk Management
life insurance (death benefit, premium amounts, cash value (if applicable), riders, expiry date)
annuity contracts/details (initial lump sum payment, monthly payment, lump sum income, monthly income, timeline)

Education Planning
Do you have kids or plan to? What are your plans for them paying for their education costs?
– current student loan details/statements (monthly payment, balance, interest rate)

Share any other information you think would be helpful/necessary.


  • For each income, specify 1. Source 2. Amount 3. Frequency (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) 4. Pre-tax/after-tax If you intend on any of these changing, please set beginning and end dates for each.
  • For each expense, specify 1. Amount 2. Frequency (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) If you intend on any of these changing, please set beginning and end dates for each.
  • For each asset, specify 1. Type 2. Value 3. Rate of appreciation/depreciation
  • For each liability, specify 1. Lender 2. Monthly payment 3. Balance 4. interest rate

Schedule an appointment or reach out to me sharing how you would like me to help you:
Cell: 248-894-8758

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