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How We Can Help

Whether it is in a private meeting or a group seminar, these are the areas we are able to take a look at, teach about, and make recommendations on as requested. We offer all of these services for free, but their value can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Financial Planning


Helping you figure out what your goals are and how to reach them. Short, intermediate, and long term.

Balance Sheet

Assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe). Some balance sheets are pretty and some…not so much. We’re here to help clean them up!


Income (what comes in) and expenses (what goes out). A budget doesn’t prevent you from doing what you want; it helps you do more of it. When a budget doesn’t exist, money tends to disappear.


Whether you are new to investing or you have current holdings in place, we are here to give an unbiased perspective and help you figure out which options will best help you reach your goals.



Taxes can be complicated and a huge expense; our goal is to simplify them and help you save on them.

Education Planning

With the high and rising costs of higher education, we can help you navigate FAFSA, need-based and merit scholarships, loans, and finding a way to meet your academic goals while minimizing expenses.


One of the biggest transitions in life doesn’t have to be a scary one. Analyzing pension options, Social Security, and retirement plan strategies are all within our wheelhouse.

Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney. What are they? Do you need them?

Financial Education

Learn on your own with our financial questions database and free courses that we are updating frequently. If there’s a topic you want us to write about, let us know by emailing!

Advising for Athletes

Choosing a Team

Whether it is travel, high school, college, or professional, the team an athlete competes on has a large impact on how their career goes.


We help athletes learn how to communicate clearly and effectively in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

General Counsel

Between contracts, agreements, and other engagements, there are plenty of difficult decisions that can arise throughout an athlete’s career; we are here to serve as a trusted advisor through them all.


Through his work in the field, Blake Pokley began recognizing the bias and injustice of the American financial services sector: some people are taken advantage of because of their assets and income, while others are completely ignored due to their lack thereof. This bothered Blake; it bothered him enough to do something about it.

Captain was founded to be an alternative option to the rest of the financial planning industry: free, unbiased, and helpful service.

For a more detailed description of why Captain was founded, as well as Blake's credibility, experience, and background, go to the About page.

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