Q&A: What is the Child Tax Credit?

The Child Tax Credit is a tax credit for taxpayers that gives someone up to $2,000 per child ($1,400 of it is refundable, while $600 is not).

What someone would need to calculate it for their return:
Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, or Form 1040-NR
Publication 972
Schedule 3
Schedule 8812 (for additional child tax credit)
May be needed, but somewhat uncommon:
Form 5695
Form 8910
Form 8936
Schedule R

Pro Tip: To see if you received the credit, it can be found on the following lines of each tax return form:
2017 1040: Line 52
2017 1040A: Line 35
2018 1040: Line 12a (and additional child tax credit on 17b)
2019 1040: Line 13a (and additional child tax credit on 18b)
2019 1040-SR: Line 13a (and additional child tax credit on 18b)

If you did not receive it and you should have, you can amend your return with a 1040X.

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