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Pro Tips: Personal Finance Questions to Consider

What are my goals? Think about personal, career, financial, and retirement goals.
What are the timelines for each of my goals? When do I want them to be accomplished?
How am I currently working toward these goals?
What else could I be doing to reach these goals?

Balance Sheet
What are my assets?
What are my liabilities?
For all debt, what are the minimum monthly payments, interest rates, and total balances? Who do I owe it to?

What is my monthly income?
What are my monthly expenses?
Am I spending money in any ways that do not further my goals? Can I cut those out of my budget? How?

What are my current investments?
Do my investments line up with my goals?
Do I understand how my investments work?
Do I understand the worst and best case scenarios for my investments and how each would happen?

Who prepares my tax returns? How much am I paying them? Could I be doing them myself for free with assistive online software (
Do I understand the tax implications of my investments and income strategies? Am I confident I am pursuing a very tax-efficient strategy?

What will my income be in retirement? Will it be enough?
Have I considered inflation’s impact on future prices?

Estate Planning
Do I have beneficiaries/transfer-on-death (TOD)/pay-on-death (POD) listed on all of my financial accounts?
Do I have a trust or will? If not, which one should I have? Should I have both?
Do I have General and Financial Powers of Attorney set up, in case of an emergency?
Do all of my answers above match my goals?

Do I have adequate insurance that matches my goals?

As you can probably see, it is important that everything stems from your goals.

General Questions
In considering all of the questions above, if you are confused and have any general questions, look them up in our site’s Financial Questions database. If it doesn’t already exist as a post, please email and we will add it!

Personal Questions
If you have questions regarding your personal situation or would like to have a conversation, either email your questions to or schedule an appointment.

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